Holistically Manage SUD for your Organization

Path is the first integrated solution designed to treat and manage Substance Use Disorder for your employees and their families.


America’s Addiction Crisis

Substance Use Disorder is an extremely common yet hidden chronic disease. The facts speak for themselves:



of US population has a Substance Use Disorder (1)


in additional healthcare costs per undiagnosed Substance Use Disorder case (3)


lost workdays annually due to alcoholism. (2)


increase in Substance Use Disorder cost since 2015 (4)


Addiction can be treated. Let us Help.

Addiction is a chronic disease and Path’s treatment model treats it as such. Patient care is led by a board-certified specialist in addiction medicine and is guided by our four treatment pillars:

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SUD Specific Provider Network

Highly curated provider network that applies evidence-based treatment care models.

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Unmatched Care Access

We use digital delivery to ensure patients meet their provider within 24 hours of speaking with Path.

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Concierge Care Guidance

Each patient receives a dedicated Path care coordinator to guide their treatment.

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Integrated Healthcare Delivery

Path seamlessly integrates with existing benefits portfolio and provider network to provide 360°care.

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Let’s Treat Addiction Together

We’ve built the first integrated solution to deliver world-class SUD treatment to your employees. Let’s work together to get your employees the care they deserve.